How it Works

Increase your brands recall. Increase your leads. Increase your sales.

Select your code

Pick the 3-5 digit code that best describes your brand/service/product..

Decide how you want it routed

We can route the calls based on your service areas. You can route nationwide, by state, DMA or area code. 


Begin marketing the code

You begin marketing your short code. You will increase recall, lead flow and sales.

Routing Options


Our #Code system allows us to assign areas by county, state, or nationwide. So we can route the calls based on your business needs. Our four pricing plans allow you to start local and scale as you grow. You can own your local market for as low as $199/mo. 


Call handling

Once the call comes to you, how your route is completely up to you. We could have it routed to your personal cell phone, a main number, or a call center. We can even do a phone tree If you have multiple specialties such as Personal Injury, Malpractice, Bankruptcy etc. 


Through our tracking software we can track various data points like number of phone calls, area codes used etc. Our goal, is to provide you with a clear and transparent process that allows you to make better business decisions and drive more leads. That is our commitment to you.