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What is a # Fast Dial Number?

A Fast Dial number is an abbreviated dialing code that is 3-5 digits in length. Once provisioned on the carriers, anyone with a cell phone can Fast Dial your number and be connected to the business/service provider based on the callers location.

How do they work?

Mobile phone calls are routed based on your predetermind call routing plan. 

Can I get one in just one area?
Yes. We can route based on area code, city, DMA, State or Nationwide.
How much do they cost?

Fast Dial number costs are based on requested service areas and cost of configuration. Request a demo below to get exact pricing based on your needs.

Why are they better than an 800#?

Fast Dial numbers are easier for your potential customer to remember and use. They also can be geo routed based on location. Something your typical 800 number can’t do.

Can I get any Fast dial number I want?

Fast Dial numbers are extremely limited and require more programming than a basic toll free number. Contact us today to inquire about availability.

How are they routed?

We first route by location/service area. Then the individual calls can be routed based on your business needs.