What is Fast Dial?

Fast dial numbers are exclusive vanity phone numbers. They maximize customer engagement by combining traditional voice calls with links, and digital content via SMS and MMS. They provide a fast and memorable familiar way for consumers to respond to Broadcast and Print ads through a simple phone all. 

An exclusive Fast Dial number is a three to five digit number preceded by the (#) or (**)  symbol  (#USAA, #NAVY, **FAST) that can be dialed from mobile phones anywhere in the United States. It is highly effective in advertising; especially for TV, radio, print, and billboards.

Fast Dial’s impactful and simple service makes it much easier for customers to call your company from their mobile phones. This results in an increase in marketing response and revenue.

Building a Fast Dial number strategy into your advertising allows your brand to be front and center in your marketing.

Fast Dial functions on National wireless networks and allows the public to make a simple call without having to remember and dial a long 10 digit phone number. All you have to do is include your Fast Dial number in your existing advertising campaigns. 

Start using your Fast Dial Number and… Get More Calls Today.