As eligibility for COVID-19 vaccines expands, vaccination scheduling has become the ultimate exercise in scalability.

Widespread distribution of not one, but two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine is a considerable operational challenge that requires a robust scheduling system. For the process to be easy, the solution has to optimize accessibility and realistically manage both capacity and expectations.

Keep things simple with one number that’s easy to remember

As it stands, people attempting to schedule their first COVID-19 vaccination experience long hold times, busy signals and a lack of results. A single entry point such as a memorable fast-dial phone number is easy to access, and a customized interactive voice response (IVR) system expands your capabilities while making the process easier for both callers and your team.

FastDial’s turnkey solution for COVID-19 vaccine scheduling

  • Optimizes accessibility and usability
  • Manages education and expectations
  • Employs advanced telecommunications technology
  • Offers operational integration with existing architecture and components
  • Eliminates busy signals and long hold times
  • Separates and accomplishes inbound and outbound initiatives

Provide answers as you get results

Patients aren’t just making an appointment. They need to be able to confirm, change, cancel and reschedule those appointments. That’s at least four more customer service lanes that must be open to ensure efficiency and minimize waste. A self-directed IVR allows callers to immediately choose between making a new appointment and discussing an existing one, then guides them as they complete their task—aligning their needs with your objectives.

FastDial’s automated solution has the capacity to handle 150,000 calls simultaneously. As inbound efforts handle initial scheduling, technical support and providing answers to questions, outbound efforts focus on scheduling appointments for specific populations, arranging administration of second doses and filling no-shows to minimize vaccine waste.