Fast Dial number #BAIL boosts calls and retention for Bail Agents

“FastDial’s partnership with PBUS to setup the #BAIL vanity number will help better connect agencies with clients, improve customer retention, and increase profits.”
Fast Dial, LLC has partnered with Professional Bail Agents of the United States (PBUS) to set up a vanity number (#2245/#BAIL) for bail bondsmen exclusively.

Speed Dial numbers are three to five-digit phone numbers preceded by the # sign that can be dialed from mobile phones across the United States. They have proven to be effective tools in television, radio, print, and billboard advertising.

The #BAIL Fast Dial number boosts revenue customer retention and advertising effectiveness for bail agencies. Fast Dial numbers improve customer experience by simplifying the process of connecting and communicating with clients.

Bond agencies can set up their numbers to offer a variety of customizable messaging options.

#BAIL works by:

     1. Allowing your business to run a marketing or advertising campaign using the vanity number #BAIL.

     2. Connecting you to your clientele as soon as they dial #BAIL for consulting with your bond agency’s representatives.

     3. The client is then eligible to receive a custom SMS with your agency’s information for follow-up purposes.

#BAIL is the exclusive dial code for bail bondsmen. Only one number is available per market.

Our Mission is to connect clients with their audiences in engaging ways.